05 August 2005
I hope they shoot him

I hate flying. First I had to worry about crashing. Then it was terrorists AND crashing. Now apparently I have to worry about being molested too? I wish I was making this up!

A business executive was sentenced on Thursday to seven years in prison for sexually assaulting a sleeping woman seated next to him on a Delta Air Lines flight from Dallas to Boston....Deepak Jahagirdar, 55, laid a blanket over the 22-year-old woman who was returning from a vacation, unfastened her seat belt, unbuttoned her pants and assaulted her by touching her genitals.

The thing is, they called him a "business executive", which leads me to believe he was probably dressed in a decent suit, etc--I bet he didn't even look like the dirtbag he is. I hope his prison roommate is a big hairy nasty stinky guy with genital herpes and halistosis, called Bubba, who makes this guy his sex bitch for the next 7 years.

"Come here biyatch, I need some luvin!" Have fun in jail, Deepak!

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Blogger Jen said...


I think the most disturbing thing about stories like this is that the guy took a pretty high level of risk, it wasn't going to be easy to get away with something that blatant. That's seriously pathological.

Sat Aug 06, 04:35:00 AM GMT+1  
Blogger sassyassy said...

Well...I guess there will be no more naps for me on a plane unless I am wearing a chastity belt that sends 10,000 volts of electricity to trespassers.

Sat Aug 06, 06:32:00 PM GMT+1  
Anonymous D Bunny said...

Then his type gets sent to my jail, where they threaten to sue us because we charge a $5 copay for any non-urgent health problem they want treated by our physician (prescriptions are free). :rolleyes:

Sat Aug 06, 07:37:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger *Skittles* said...

EWWWW so gross!!! I wonder how many other women he did it to?

Sat Aug 06, 08:25:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Scott said...

Now when I tell you where to sit and not to go anywhere alone.....will you please listen......you don't even hear the alarm clock...love you

Sun Aug 07, 07:59:00 AM GMT+1  

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