12 July 2005
A bit morbid, but worth saying...

Put an emergency contact number on your mobile phone, then if something happens to you, the emergency services can identify you. That's the idea of a new campaign started by the East Anglia Ambulance Service.

They want everyone to include a number labeled ICE (in case of emergency) number in their contacts list. So, if you were in an accident or were found unresponsive, the ambulance crew would know who to contact, and have an idea of who you are. Since the London tragedy and the problems identifying the victims, the idea has really taken off. Mobile phones will withstand a lot more trauma than an id card, and most people carry them anyway.

Personally, I think it's a great idea, and I'll be changing my phone shortly. If I was in a terrible accident/incident like that, I wouldn't want everyone to have to wonder and worry about me. And if they had to collect my pieces for analysis, at least they'd have a starting point.

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Blogger mommyguilt said...

Julie - LOVE the new look! How absolutely fabulous! Let me know when you've figured out all the shortcuts and template stuff. I'd LOVE to try on a new "outfit" for MG!

Glad to hear all is well with you, also!

Tue Jul 12, 04:32:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well it is a good idea..why didnt sanyone think of it sooner...:)

Tue Jul 12, 05:04:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger zazzafooky said...

I agree, and I have to get a new phone too so I'll be looking into it.

Good tip... and great blog too!

Tue Jul 12, 05:29:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger hexacontium said...

Sounds like a great idea! there are only two small problems: the average dutch probably doesn't know what ice means and I always forget to recharge my mobile ;)

Tue Jul 12, 05:39:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Ruthless Jack said...

i agree on principle but wouldnt a name like "mum" be kinda self explanatory - Maybe ICE trevor - would work i suppose for those without parents or 1st of kin - hmm i like it - changing mum to ICE MUM - kinda makes sense too !

Tue Jul 12, 05:54:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Jen said...

That's a good idea, but wouldn't it be weird to get a call, check the Caller ID and see it was me...only to answer and find out it was someone calling to tell you I'm dead and by the way who was I?

I think they should add a function to new cellphones that has an emergency registry, though, then you could add more information like name, allergies, blood type, etc. Of course, if you lose your cell anyone can get that information about you. Hmmm, I don't know...

Tue Jul 12, 07:08:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Scott said...

ok Sweetie, well that's a good idea, just hope you are where you say you are when you get involved in something like that.
I'll be in, so you can use my number!

Tue Jul 12, 09:08:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Vixen said...

Nice idea. Why don't they just called the last person you rang or something?

Wed Jul 13, 03:55:00 AM GMT+1  
Blogger Karen said...

My cousin forwarded me the email from Philippa Norman about the ICE - I've put mine in my mob and have done the same for the elder kiddies.

Wed Jul 13, 10:50:00 AM GMT+1  
Blogger Altaf said...

Yep, definitely a good idea. Done mine yesterday.

Wed Jul 13, 09:19:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Indida said...

Thank you for posting this. I would have never known about this at all. My mom is the biggest worry wart in the world, this could get her off my back for a good while.

Tue Jul 26, 06:28:00 AM GMT+1  

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