06 October 2005
About damn time...

While surfing, I occasionally come across a military member's blog. Let me rephrase that--I'm sure I read blogs written by military all the time--but sometimes I find a MILITARY blog. The difference? The former is a blog just like any other personal diary-type blog; you'd never guess what the author did for a living. I have no problem with these.

The latter is all about the author's military job; often showing pics of their units, weapons, naming other members, etc. Many are based in Iraq or other combat zones, and these idiots show PICTURES of their bases, security measures, and often write of upcoming exercises or missions. These "combat-bloggers" piss me off. I would normally insert a link to an example here--but I won't in this case. No need to give them more publicity.

Seriously, how bloody stupid can you get?? It's one thing to not care about security if you're in the US and writing about people in Iraq (which is also very wrong, but more understandable); but to BE THERE and be handing your enemy all your information?? You might as well send an engraved invitation to the Iraqi insurgents.

"I will be at the XX crossroads in a hummer on the 17th at 1600; you're cordially invited to please come kill me and the rest of my unit. RSVP as soon as possible".

Finally, at least one branch has done something about it. The Army has issued a
warning to so-called "combat bloggers"

"...But Boyce [Army spokesman] said soldiers need to know that simply
taking photos could threaten operational security. "We're just
re-emphasizing the danger here," he said. "We have warned soldiers to please be extremely careful of any photography, especially street scenes, because they could be useful to the enemy." Boyce said shots of the aftermath of insurgent attacks or roadside bombs are especially dangerous, because
insurgents could use them to gauge the effectiveness of their attacks."

No kidding! I can't tell you how many of these blogs I've come across; and on every single one I leave an unsolicited comment asking them to re-evaluate their need to post secure or sensitive information. I'm sure they don't care, but it makes me feel better. The thing that bothers me even more than their stupidity is that they aren't just screwing themselves over; I suppose I could deal with that--clean out the gene pool. But their stupidity endangers everyone else with them.

The typical combat blogger's response? Outrage, mixed with indignation.

"But if I can't post about what I'm doing, how will I keep my friends and family back home up to date?"

Maybe they just don't need to know, Sgt Jackass. They might be happier having you safe than knowing what your mess tent looks like. Besides, you can't write all about your work, even in the civilian world. Think about Dooce; you know, of the dooced variety? But the military is different anyway--there is NO separation of personal and professional life. You belong to the military, and so does your family to a certain extent. That's why (men) you're not allowed to wear earrings even out of uniform. That's why you're not allowed to speak to the media without command approval. Freedom of speech? Doesn't exist in the military. Ironic, yes; but true even so.

Bottom line, if you wanted a personal life separate from your job, you picked the WRONG career! You may want to re-evaluate your life choices (ie get out of the military at the earliest opportunity)!

Rant over.

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Blogger Jen said...

That's pretty stupid!

You get stupid civilians, too, but usually their mistakes aren't life or death ones.

Thu Oct 06, 05:14:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Lora said...

It's like telling certain adolescents to be careful about devulging personal information.

I actually had no ideas you were even in a military family until a comment you made on my blog a few weeks ago. I was raised in one myself.

Sat Oct 15, 01:03:00 AM GMT+1  

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