07 September 2005
Something good for a change

Amidst all the chaos and finger pointing that's going on about the Gulf Coast, this story made me smile.

"Tuesday was the fourth straight day that the staff of Salon des Amis invited Hurricane Katrina evacuees into their beauty shop for complimentary makeovers. "I thought, 'We don't do brain surgery here, but we know women like to feel good about themselves,' " owner Michelle Johnson said.

Employees have been picking up interested women and bringing them to the Guilbeau Road salon. The women get haircuts, hand treatments, makeup applications, eyebrow waxings, a hearty lunch and a whole lot of pampering.
Lafayette residents donated clothes and accessories to the salon, which turned two rooms in the back into a type of shopping area for the women. But the items in this shop have no price tags."

What a great idea! Some of these women had never been to a beauty salon before, so this was even more of a treat. What an awesome way to lift someone's spirits in a situation like this. And they get new clothes and good food to boot, so its truly a total treatment.

Not everyone can give money or donate goods; some people just don't have the resources. But this story shows that, with a little creativity and goodwill, we can all help in one way or another.

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Blogger kate said...

who's saving the puppies and kittens affected by the hurricane? they're starving, dehydrating, drinking the contaminated water, being shot by the "thugs" (why use that term? and who decides that a natural disaster is a good time to go rape and kill?) and what happens to the dead ones? all these news stories have yelping puppies in the background, and godawful things are happening to the pets (tangled in the power lines and electrocuting, etc.), but who's gonna take care of them? it's not like the animal shelters aren't overcrowded anyway, and who knows how long it'll be before their owners have homes again. i don't have the space to have any more, otherwise i'd be volunteering to take some in.

there was this awful story about a little boy who's fluffy white dog (snowball) couldn't go w/the family to the shelter. the kid screamed for his dog until he puked. didn't stop them from taking the dog from him though. and people are crying on the news 'cuz they can't take their pets to the shelters with them.

maybe it sounds fanatical, but in my world, pets are family members too, and they seem to have been forgotten about in the wake of katrina. you can bet your ass that i wouldn't evacuate without all my kitties.

anyway, if anyone wants to donate, you can go to www.aspca.org to help raise money to save the pets.

Wed Sep 07, 02:12:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger mommyguilt said...

Julie -

That was truly an uplifting article. It's nice to see people using what they have already to help out those with nothing. It's good to show that you don't have to be rolling in the dough to make a contribution to this effort, but can use your own resources.

Wed Sep 07, 02:20:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger mommyguilt said...

oh, ps....where did you get the word verification? I'd love to add that. I'm getting spam comments all the time on MommyGuilt and it's making me crazy.

Wed Sep 07, 02:21:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Jen said...

That's great. It's so cool how people are doing whatever they can to help. We all have something to offer!

Wed Sep 07, 05:24:00 PM GMT+1  

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