04 May 2005
Which Peanuts character are you?

I'm Sally
Wishy-Washy: 56%, Mental: 78%, Physical: 46%

Sally is Charlie Brown's little sister and has an unrequited love for Linus. Alternately amazed and terrified by the world of school, she gets by on pure stubbornness. If you're feeling a little down about life, remember you can always talk to the school wall.

**58% Wishy washy?!?!? What the heck is that??**

Link: The Peanuts Character Test written by timberlineridge

posted by Julie at 12:13 PM 3 comments


Blogger Scott said...

I am Snoopy, with just over 1% brainstuff, but only 16% wishy washy!!!
Love you Honey

Wed May 04, 03:36:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Jen said...

Wishy-Washy: 65%, Mental: 59%, Physical: 46%

Da-da-da-DUM <---That's my effort at Beethoven's Fifth, don't you just love it?

Wed May 04, 04:23:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Julie said...

Well, done! I can just hear it playing now....

Wed May 04, 04:38:00 PM GMT+1  

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