02 May 2005
Famous people

I stole this idea from Amy's blog, CAPISCE (ka' peesh)--thanks Amy--I had no idea what I was going to blog today!!

So, here's my (modest!) list of famous people I've met...

1. Bono and the Edge: (They were my heroes; I was 16 and I actually CRIED when Bono gave me a hug--so girlie!!) I was so excited to meet them I had to pee--got into the Westin Hotel by telling the security guard I was going to pee on his feet if he didn't let me in--then was so nervous I accidentally went into the men's room. I ran into U2 when I walked out of the bathroom, and they gave me really STRANGE looks. I didn't know why until a few months later when I went back to the Westin and realized which bathroom they saw me coming out of! (I still have their autographs somewhere) The sad thing is, that even after all these years I remember that 10 May 1960 is Bono's b-day...happy early b-day!

2. Sting: had a book signing in B'ham last fall--got to shake his hand and act really stupid; then was so dazzled I walked away without my camera and they had to call me back! I'm so cool under pressure!

sting Posted by Hello

3. Bush Sr.: met him when he came to speak at Cherry Point, MCAS during Desert Storm.

4. Psychedelic Furs: my friends and I got made fun of by them at an after-party at a hotel in Denver (we had the bog standard "goth" look and they kept calling us Robert Smith and singing little clips of Cure songs to us!)

5. Mitch Gaylord: (olympic gymnast)

6. Gene Loves Jezebel: a friend and I lied our way backstage after a concert--not so hard at the glen miller ballroom in boulder. Again, about 16 y.o.)

Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series. I didn't actually meet her, but I received a personal email from her. I wrote her an email telling her I thought her books were historically inaccurate (although I really like them), and she challenged me to point out the inaccuracies to her. I haven't done that yet....decided the email made me sound a bit of a bitch (duh!) and didn't want to reread all five books and take notes anyway! I did send her a much nicer email later, but from a different account! :)

and finally (and really stretching the meaning of "famous")....

8. The head of the local Cosa Nostra in Villagio Coppolla, Italy: (can't remember his name). I bartended in an Italian bar there when I was younger, and this older, kind of scary-looking guy came in (my boss paid him protection money--everyone did) and kept asking about me. He then invited me to go out on his boat, but neither my boss or I were really clear if it was cause he wanted me to "sleep with the fishies" or for some other reason (undoubtedly just as bad!). I gracefully declined, then hid in the bathroom whenever he came back in! He lived just a couple roads down from us and kept a tiger in his yard for protection--here's a pic I took of it before the abovementioned offer...nice, eh?

mafia tiger Posted by Hello

Ok, I swear there were more than that, but I'm currently suffering from meds-induced stupidity and can't think of anything else....

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Blogger Lora said...

You were hugged by Bono?!?!?!?!

I'm just so jealous.

Mon May 02, 05:50:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Julie said...

Only cause I asked him to---I got the impression he thought that was pretty weird!

Mon May 02, 05:51:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Jen said...

Well of course he would think you were weird, what with your cross-dressing and Mafia connections! ;-)

You're so cool!

Mon May 02, 06:39:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger lchan said...

Modest?! Uh, if you've met Bono and the Edge, what else is there?

Can I just say (in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice): LUCKY!

Mon May 02, 08:33:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Scott said...

and to top it all off, just when you thought things could never get any better, you married Me :)

Mon May 02, 09:03:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Julie said...

You're right, of course, honey!

I had to ask Jen about Napoleon Dynamite--we haven't gotten it here as far as I know. I'm going to have to see it though!

The cross-dressing predated the mafia. Otherwise, I wouldn't have threated to pee on the guy's feet---I'd have had luigi kneecap him. :)

Mon May 02, 11:18:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Amy aka "Ballardini" said...

If I'm not mistaken, I think I see a squirrel peeking over the "mafia tiger's" shoulder...*gets out magnifying glass*

BONO?!!!! Good thing you didn't bump into The Edge at the urinal. You guys have met the coolest people!! And thanks for the blog plug. xoxo
p.s. since we have digressed to Napoleon D., where's the "Mafia Liger" (pretty much my favorite animal), known for it's mystical extortion powers?!

Tue May 03, 04:00:00 AM GMT+1  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice cat. I'd have some serious issues. And won't Wolfie get to be that big? He is still a puppy as Scott keeps telling me. D.

Thu May 05, 09:09:00 PM GMT+1  

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