29 May 2005

Ok, it's official--I'm dumb. I finally got our fireplace in the scullery looking the way I wanted, so I thought I'd take a picture. I wanted a nice picture, fire roaring, etc. We haven't had a fire in this fireplace yet cause it's not in a room we hang out in.

Here's the BEFORE picture (before the fire):


Click on the *** to see the AFTER picture...


Big fat OOPS! I never even thought of checking the stupid chimney to see if the flue was working (it wasn't), or if it was blocked (it was). So my 'lovely' picture turned into a raging fire hazard, filled the entire downstairs with smoke, and gave me a good scare (not to mention black snot!). Frankly, I was really lucky not to have started another chimney fire! Yes, I said another. Not the first fire-related act of stupidity, seems to be becoming a habit. One that I'd like to break; wish me luck!

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Blogger Barry said...

I'm just amazed you too time to take the picture before releasing the smoke! ;)

Mon May 30, 05:01:00 AM GMT+1  
Blogger Julie said...

No kidding! Actually, my dh was in the room too, and was busy opening windows/doors etc while I was snapping away--so it's not quite as bad as it seems. :)

Mon May 30, 12:21:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Sheri said...

Oh my gosh!! That was a lovely picture...and you know, I think the smoke goes right along with my whole toothless beggar image...just need a big cast iron pot for the old hag to stir (and no...I am not calling you a hag!)

Mon May 30, 11:40:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Jen said...

"Black snot." You're such a poet!

Mon May 30, 11:53:00 PM GMT+1  

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