22 April 2005
All about the pets

Did you have any pets as a kid?
We had what seemed a never-ending succession of cats. Not one of them managed to stick around long enough to die of old age--they all either went on permanent walk-about, or else died in very strange ways somewhere in the vicinity of our house. One in particular, my sister’s cat, died on my bedroom floor. I unfortunately thought he was just sleeping, and being 12, it took me a staggeringly long time to realize that he’d been “sleeping” for several days.
We also had two horses for a time; a mare by the name of Sheba, and a young gelding called Buck. I adored them both, but we couldn’t keep them when we moved further down the mountain.

By far the most important and best-loved of all our pets was a dog named Pepper. She was the most adorable, smartest little mutt that you could ever imagine. I swear she could read your mind, and Jen and I thought of her as a sister. We got her when I was seven, and Jen and I used to dress her up and carry her around in a baby cradle (bless her heart!). She died of old age when I was 21.

Do you have any pets now?
We have two cats, brother and sister. Becks, named for David Beckham (he was playing “football” when we got him), and Boudicat, named for the Iceni warrior (as a tiny kitten she stood down our huge dog and kept him away from his food!).

Boudicat sleeping on the Aga Posted by Hello

They’re coming up to a year old, so we’ll see if these two stick around.

We’ve also got a 2 y/o
Northern Inuit named Wolfie. He is a very sweet, very big and very dumb dog. Although I don’t believe he’d ever intentionally harm a fly, he is a very effective stranger deterrent. We’ve had quite a few delivery people phone us from the driveway, absolutely refusing to get out of their cars with him in the yard! My husband keeps offering visitors the opportunity to find out what Wolfie would do if someone jumped the fence, but so far he’s had no takers.

Our sweet little Wolfie Posted by Hello

Name your favorite famous pet from television or movies.

I'm not sure if he counts, but I want one of these...

Puss in boots Posted by Hello

What a cutie! And a great accent too!

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Blogger Jen said...

Yes, I always thought of Pepper as my "pretty" sister. ;-P Hee hee!

Sorry my cat died in your room. (Things you don't normally have to say...) I'd forgotten about that, it was buried WAY back in the vaults.

Sat Apr 23, 05:25:00 AM GMT+1  
Blogger Julie said...

I still can't believe the cat laid there in front of my dresser for like two whole days before I realized he hadn't moved at all...what the hell was I thinking??

Sat Apr 23, 12:20:00 PM GMT+1  

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